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Pierce Brosnan
   Name: Pierce Brendan Brosnan
   Date of birth: 16 May 1953
   Place of birth: County Meath, Ireland
   Marital status: Married to actress Cassandra Harris (now deceased), now married to  Keeley-Shaye Smith
   Children:  3 children with first wife Cassandra (he adopted her 2 children from a previous marriage and later had a child with her), 2 sons with Keeley-Shaye Smith
   Profession: Actor
   Career: In 1981 got his first big acting break by starring in the miniseries "Mansions of America". Later that year he won the role of Remington Steele in the series of the same name. He has taken part in numerous movies, but of course he is most famous for being the world's most famous secret Agent - James Bond.

News Update:
Pierce has signed on to play James Bond in the next instalment of the 007 series.
Pierce and Keeley-Shaye married 2 weeks ago in Ireland. Congratulations to them both!